About Us

Taste The Bison Difference 

Buckeye Bison is a veteran owned, Central Ohio bison farm supplying responsibly raised American Bison from our rural farm to your dinner table. We offer a break from the ordinary: something fresh and new with just a dash of American history thrown in. The quality and flavor of our bison meat is the perfect centerpiece of any meat. We’re sure you and your family will never be satisfied with boring, old beef again once you taste the bison difference.

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We've Made Some BIG Changes! 


We have recently made the decision to officially change our business name from Monnin Bison Company to Buckeye Bison! We made this change for several reasons.

  • We believe that it will be a better, more recognizable name to do business as in the state of Ohio

  • The new name offers us more opportunities and avenues for local and statewide marketing and promotion

We are still the same veteran owned central Ohio family farm raising the best bison meat in Ohio, just under a new name. We are extremely excited about the change and how it will help us moving forward. All aspects of our business will be updated to the new name by January 2022 or before. 

Everyone that is already a member of our Subscriber List will remain a member and will continue to receive all email newsletters, notifications, sales and updates as before. 

Thank you so much for supporting our growing business and joining us on our journey forward as a family and business as we work to bring our amazing bison products to more people in Ohio and beyond. 

What Makes Buckeye Bison Unique


Better Flavor

While many of Ohio's bison farms offer grass-fed bison at Buckeye Bison we proudly finish our bison on non-GMO corn grown on our family farm or purchased from top notch Ohio farmers we have partnered with. Customers overwhelming choose grain finished bison which offers a better flavor, better marbling in the meat and a more tender cut. You want delicious, high quality, locally produced bison from a trustworthy family farm here in Ohio, and that is exactly what we provide to ever customer. 


Local Options

We bring our delicious bison meat directly to you with multiple great local options. We sell at multiple central Ohio farmers markets, offer local Pick-Up events in Dayton, Springfield and Columbus, as well as delivery right to your front door. No more long drives to a farm or paying high shipping costs, we make staying stocked on high quality, delicious, locally raised bison meat east and conveniet for you.


Family Farm

We know that you require confidence in the local producers that raise and produce your food and we accept that responsibly. We are a husband and wife team raising bison in an all natural way on our family farm in rural Ohio. Our only focus is raising the highest quality bison in the state of Ohio because we eat the meat we produce, serve it to our family and sell it to friends. Confidence, trust and commitment to excellence are what we strive for in the product we produce. 

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"Great local company with personalized service. The bison steaks were delicious. Looking forward to doing business again soon."

- Kevin - 

“If you are considering ordering bison meat from a good, local source, look no further. The taste and quality is outstanding"

- Amy - 

Creating Buckeye Bison

In the dead of winter of 2018, in the middle of Ohio farm country, in the sprawling expanse of a 270-acre harvested corn field a team worked diligently to pound wooden posts into the frozen earth, and string fence line in the finger-numbing cold of that early December day. They had to hurry for two reasons: the freezing temperatures and blowing winds were biting at their noses and ears, and also because in just a few days, the first bison were going to arrive on the farm, and a lifelong dream was about to be realized.


Back Story

Buckeye Bison began as a dream many years ago. It started as a whisper in the depths of my mind and soul, and slowly grew with time. It grew out of a central Ohio childhood, immersed in a world of livestock and carefree nature. The calming beauty and seasonal cycle of Ohio weather and rural beauty mixed with the peaceful and gentle demeanor of bison were simply too perfect to pass up in our regularly hectic and fast paced world. With time and thought, the actual business plan began to materialize and what was once nothing more than a fantastic daydream took on a physical form.

The Realization of a Dream

On December 12, 2018, two bred bison cows excitedly stepped off of a livestock trailer into the new pasture that had been a sprawling corn field weeks earlier. The second their muddy hooves touched down on the frozen earth, that sleepy old cornfield, and my life were changed forever. That day, Buckeye Bison began.



Since that day, it has been many hard lessons learned, long hours put in swinging a hammer or throwing hay bales, but always done with a smile. It is hard to frown when you’re living your dream. Buckeye Bison is now one of the fastest growing bison farms in the Midwest, and is becoming a premier producer of high quality bison meat.


Buckeye Bison in the News

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Monnin Bison Company was recently featured in an article at growingamerica.com and we are so excited to share it with you. The article allowed us the opportunity to tell our story of starting Monnin Bison Company in 2018, why we chose to start a bison farm over other agricultural and livestock options, as well as how the owners, Theodore and Tabitha work together to grow the herd and business.


We are very proud of our farm, our bison and our business, and we love that more people will get to hear our story and learn about the amazing product we are bringing to hungry customers in Central Ohio. Please check out the article by clicking the link below!